Clotted Cream 170g



Clotted Cream 170g from Devon

DetailsClotted: A word with many meanings. Clotted simply means to clot or join together. To make our treasured cream, milk is gently heated, and over time the cream rises to the top and clots together, hence the name Clotted Cream. These perfectly formed clots of cream are a beautiful pale white colour and taste? creamy perfection! In the castle we like nothing better than to spend time eating warm English scones with strawberry jam and a dollop of Clotted Cream; so British and so utterly delicious. Afternoon tea takes place at 3pm, the tea is served in china cups and brewed in a teapot, the scones are always warm and when we drink tea our little pinky?s are always in the air. Since introduced in the early 17th century afternoon tea should be a grand affair. Clotted Cream will be a suitably royal companion to your afternoon!